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5 CCTV Camera Features That Are Must In Today’s Time

Where ever you go, CCTV cameras are following you. CCTV cameras have become the basic standard of security in today’s day and age. You won’t feel secure entering a premise that is not under CCTV surveillance. Thus, CCTV camera has become such an integral part of our security. But with time criminals with malicious intent are also amping up their game. This is why it is important to keep up your security system to prevent any harm from happening. There is some feature of CCTV cameras in Cork that you shouldn’t miss out on in today’s time. 5 such features are making all the buzz in today’s time.

Motion Detection:

One of the most important features of today’s time – is motion detection! Suppose you have left your property alone in Cork for a vacation. Now when you have left your home all alone and been on a vacation, how do you know your property is safe? When you have CCTV cameras installed in your property in Cork that have an in-built motion detection feature then you have to breathe a sigh of relief. Why? Simply because now whenever you are away from your property and there’s any sign of unidentified movement, the CCTV camera with alert you. You can check immediately through the live footage to see if there has been any intrusion and call the cops.

Integrable with Alarm Monitoring System:

Another important feature that’s being used by most people to ensure the safety of their property and loved ones, in case they are away, is an integrable alarm system. When you have a CCTV camera system installed on your property that is coupled with both motion detection and alarm monitoring system, then you can expect a better degree of security. When there is indeed a case of an intrusion detected by your motion detection and alarm system, even if you are unavailable, the integrated alarm monitoring system of your CCTV camera will connect the control room in Cork to ensure the safety of your loved ones and property.

Coloured Night Vision:

Another important feature that is becoming essential these days is the coloured night vision feature. It is not just important to keep the security of your property’s interior secure but also to keep the security of your periphery of the surrounding areas secure. Most criminals before attacking a property will inspect the property. They will do it mostly at night time to hide away in dark. A coloured night vision CCTV camera installed in your house in Cork will pick up on all such detail and help you to stay alert.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom:

If you live in high traffic area or have a large property to keep under surveillance, instead of amping the number of CCTV cameras, it is important to install smarter CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras with features like pan, tilt and zoom can easily keep a huge area under surveillance in your property in Cork. This way you can save up on your CCTV security cameras.


These days people no longer rely on just one security system, along with security systems like alarm systems, access control and CCTV cameras they can also install a monitoring system to safeguard their property in Cork. But all these security systems need to work together in unison to provide comprehensive security. Otherwise, only amping up security systems will not meet any requirements.

These are some of the most important features that you must seek in your CCTV camera system when you are making the purchase. Of course, these are not the only features that the CCTV camera must have in your CCTV camera. There are other features like – resolution, storage capacity, two-way audio etc – that you must also look for. When you have a comprehensive security device like a CCTV camera that meets the requirement of today’s day and age you can safeguard your Cork property better.

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