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5 simple steps to silence a blaring home security alarm

When you’re sleeping peacefully at night and all of a sudden your alarm goes off! The blare screams across the house, but there’s no imminent threat. A case of false alarm has awoken you and you from their nightly slumber. Many reasons can cause a case of a false alarm from a power outrage, faulty wiring or defective batteries. There can be numerous culprits behind the case of blaring home security alarm systems. Thus, it is important to know ways to turn the alarm off safely. Enlisted below are five ways to turn a home security alarm system off –

1. Ensure there’s no threat:

Before you run to turn the alarm off, ensure there’s no imminent threat present. Take a quick inspection of the premises, and check for signs of any break-in or attempted break-in. If there’s any proof that points toward a break-in, contact the cops immediately. If there is no imminent danger present and you are sure about your security then you may proceed forward to the next step.

2. Check the battery:

Some the home security alarm systems are wired to go off when the battery runs low. This is done so that the house is not left unprotected and vulnerable to outside threats. This is a defensive mechanism rather than a call to protect the people of the house and people from a real intruder. Thus, a change of battery will work perfectly in such circumstances to silence a beeping home security system.

3. Silence the alarm:

If the culprit wreaking havoc in your house with the blaring sound is indeed not the battery then there’s a possibility of a case of false alarm. In this case, you have to silence the alarm manually as you’d do in case of an actual intrusion. The steps are as follows:

• Enter your unique code to disarm your system.

• Arm and deactivate your system as soon as possible.

• On your keypad, press the status button.

4. Check the wiring:

The alarm can go off because of a problem in the wiring system. If even after trying the above-stated means the home security alarm system did not turn off, then it is perhaps the case of a wiring issue. To resolve such an issue you’d require the help of a voltmeter. It will easily detect the electric potential. But if you’re not well versed with electrical operations, it will be probably best to contact any local electrician to check faults in your home security system.

5. Reach out to your home security system provider:

While this should work in almost all home security systems, some security systems may not respond to these steps. Under such circumstances, it is recommended that you must contact your service agent.

If there’s a home security system installed in your house that is blaring, following the above methods you have the ability to stop the annoying sound. However, always check any lurking danger ahead of switching any alarm off, as you may know how the saying goes – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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