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5 Vital Steps to Decide on Having A New Access Control System

A rapidly growing company must upgrade its existing system and get new access control in the office. The simplest “order the tasks to get them done” takes the shape of a full-time project. The chief factors to be considered are the new hires should be able >to enter and the new locks should function properly. Each of these considerations is fulfilled through the distinguished five steps to finally decide on having a new access control system.

1. The Environment and Doors Must be Well Evaluated

  • The doors being made of glass, metal or wood determine the locks types to be installed.
  • The number of doors to be managed for being accessed play a crucial role. Should the back doors be on the access system or are those doors frequently unused – must be clearly analyzed.
  • Can all these doors be safely connected to one IT closet that has to be taken care of? Distance and the directions for the wires to run should be dealt with special attention.
  • Does your office have different floors? Then, should both the floors be connected with wires for saving the installation costs are an important determinant. Or else you will have to get two separate access control systems installed.
  • Consult the local vendors for installing doors. Normally, the doors are not equipped with electronic access infrastructures. Make sure to consult the alarm and security system installers for access control system installation.

2. Get all your access policies defined

  • Must the doors be kept locked always or only kept open during office hours?
  • What is the total count of people in need of access to space? How often is the count changing and how often are the new staff being added?
  • Are the managers, employees, interns, and freelancers having different access roles?

3. Clearly define the project’s full scope

  • You should have the ideal time-frame for the access control system installation. So take the hard deadlines in>to account like a booked moving date or the signed lease.
  • How much are you willing to spend on the new access control system? For the already existing access control infrastructure, installing an electric strike with a keypad will cost around $800-$1900 on average. Alternatively, $1,600 to $3,500 is the cost for a magnetic lock installation with a pin pad. Ensure using the branded and top quality hardware that is necessary for office security.
  • When the aesthetics are important for you, then select the bronze-plated security lock for matching the door frames.
  • Important note: Be careful to choose a responsible project manager for the project duration. The delegates must fulfill the duration till when the installers will be working.
  • Decide the person to set up and manage the access control systems. Most likely the installers managing the servers and computers, rather the IT managers will take care of them. The office managers have to handle it for the small scale companies.

4. Select A Vendor

  • For better results, you can search in Google for “security integrator”, “access control installation” or the “security systems” along with the city where you are located.
  • Before you contact the vendors, definitely check their reviews and their website.
  • Finding manufacturers become easy through Google.

5. Secure a Quote from the Vendor You Have Selected

  • The last step might be the first step you will like to do – get a detailed idea about its cost.
  • Experienced installers carry out site visits at no extra costs.
  • Typically before 2 to 3 weeks before the installation date, the site visits must take place since the installers haveto visit the site and get the quote and then place an order for the required hardware once the quote is approved.

Where did you decide to shift your office after it has significantly grown? Remember access control is a task you cannot miss at any chance. The shared tips on new access control systems installation will help you to make fruitful decisions.

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