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Upgrade of Analogue fixed camera CCTV system to HD PTZ solution.

The requirement is to upgrade an extensive CCTV system, from analogue fixed cameras, to high definition, IP with PTZ and WDR.

Our client has an old system in place using analogue cameras the pictures are transmitted over coax cable RG11 (copper).

A new IP HD system is now required.

Going to be using Coax to IP media converters (MC) on this job, that’s a 1st for us.

So we have pictures from the current cameras, we have a good idea the cabling is going to be good. The cable runs are long much longer than the usual 100 meters for IP requirements. 

We have a wonderful sunny day to start this outside work, that always helps. We take down the existing cameras and leave with the client.

We fit the new IP PTZ cameras along with stainless brackets, on the existing mounts which are in good condition.

We fit the POE+ into a weather proof housing and also fit a media converter (MC) into the same housing.

We are using a mix of MC’s on this job depending on the distances of the cable runs. 

So, it goes power up the POE+, patch(Cat6) to camera on the POE side

patch to media converter (MC) on the other side, RG59 with BNC termination is connected to the media converter.

Back at the viewing point we connect the RG59 cable with Bayonet Neill–Concelman (BNC) to the (MC) master unit lights are saying good, great, patch from MC to switch we are using a HP managed switch again we don’t want problems. And patch to the recorder search for a camera and we find our 1st camera. A nice start there are quite a few to go. The concept is proven and we carry on with confidence.

We have connected from the NVR to our viewing monitor with a HDMI cable, The monitor in this case is a 43″ Samsung TV. What a picture. There is an amazing jump in quality of image here, from old to new.

We have the new and old cameras side by side on their respective monitors, the client can see the vast improvement in the quality of the footage, that really helps, we are using an NVR with 6 TB storage here.

This was our 1st job using coax to IP converters and they do exactly what they say on the tin. It was great to have this job up and going without a hitch. 

A Note on upgrading to IP:

HD video surveillance systems are the way the market is heading at a fast rate; however, due to the infrastructure complexity of many old analog systems, don’t make the mistake of thinking that migrating means changing the infrastructure totally. For example big savings can be made if ground works can be minimuized. Therefore, it is important for installers and buyers to evaluate how to evolve their current CCTV system into an IP video surveillance platform. We suggest it would be wise to use proven technologies and equipment that safely leverage the existing coaxial infrastructure to ease the transition, and control the cost, from analog to IP-based systems. Most systems will be IP in the near future we can be sure of it.

Thanks to all who contributed to these works.

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