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Can A Cctv Camera Be Installed In A Car?

Security has no alternative, rather it is a compulsion for the properties, as well as vehicles. Installing the CCTV camera systems, in the car is a great step towards crime prevention. While preventing thefts, the CCTV cameras even provide protection from the other vehicle drivers’ behaviours, help to observe the passengers when needed, and even protection from malicious insurance claims. So, certainly, you can install CCTV cameras in your cars, nevertheless, you need to consider certain facts for a legal installation.

i. The laws have allowed the CCTV Camera should be recording within the vehicle and its surrounding area. No private property should be captured. In case, a person’s privacy has been captured by your installed CCTV camera, then you will find yourself through the Civil Courts in Cork.

ii. In case, you are intending to power the CCTV cameras with your car’s battery, then ensure to hire the professionals for the cause. Hiring professional specialists to install the CCTV cameras in your car, ensures compliance with the relevant legislation in Cork to not consuming the entire battery of your car.

iii. At the same time, you must even contact your insurance company for informing them. To get the needed peace of mind of additional security, you need to ensure your installed CCTV camera is not stolen.

  • To put it seriously, a number of countless events occur over time that you would have wished recording it. For instance, while driving with manners and obeying the roadside rules, if you are unfortunate to be hit by a fleeting drunken driver, and in confusion, you could not record or note down the plate number, and there is no CCTV camera installed on the road – then what do you think you should do?
  • Both vandalism and car thefts are major issues. Regardless of low crime rates in the country, car vandalism reigns supreme. A few owners might get their compensation for these crimes, but the insurance cases consume an extended time. This time lag can be reduced when presented with the crime evidence.
  • Another area of concern is the fleet vehicles, which are not driven by their owners. Most times, the fleet drivers have a tendency towards acting recklessly while driving, and they even violate the traffic rules. As a result, the company has to pay a huge sum in traffic penalties.

CCTV cameras for the car have become an increasingly popular choice in Cork for the drivers since these prove to evidence in the insurance claim and for catching the vandals in the act and deterring them. Cars are indeed expensive commodities, so spending some dollars on installing CCTV cameras for protection is surely a wise investment.

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