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Categories Of Access Control System

These days security systems have become quite a popular method to secure your establishment. Even if you have security guards to protect a facility, people willingly opt for security systems like access control systems to secure the facility. With an access control system only identified or identity-verified individuals can get access to said facility. Some people even put additional security of access control systems in some sensitive rooms to protect the sanctity of the sensitive area. If you delve deep into the system, you will see there are categories of an access control system, allow us to explain them to you:

The Manual Access Control System:

The manual access control system is used in security checkpoints that are covered by security guards or doorman, or an agent. They, post determining and verifying the identity of the personnel allow a person to access the premise. They physically allow the access control system to let the person. This is why they are called manual access control systems. You can see these kinds of access control systems are used in parking lot entries, gate entries and more such areas.

Electronic Access Control System:

Most buildings that have an access control system installed have this type of access control system. This type of access control system uses a card, fob key and other such accessing credentials before granting access to an individual. An access control system is installed in the access point which reads the credentials when tapped against it. It also records who has accessed the area.

Mechanical Access Control System:

A mechanical access control system is an effective way to prevent free access into and out of a building. They offer affordable, dependable security products including keyed locks. A basic device such as this provides security primarily by protecting against vandalism, and theft, and providing physical barriers against intrusion. It is appropriate to use mechanical locks in places that do not require constant monitoring or audit trails.

Electronic-Mechanical Access Control System:

Electronic-mechanical access control system or as known as popularly Machatronic access control system is an amalgamation of two different access control systems i.e., electronic and mechanical access control systems. It is most commonly used in high-security areas. It is a dual authentication system that requires electronic security credentials like a fob key, access card and more to grant access through the electronic access control system. Post the first layer of security verification is through, the second layer of security comes to play. It uses the credentials of mechanical access control to do secondary verification, before granting access.

These are some of the many categories of access control systems that are most commonly installed in various facilities. These access control systems are most easily available in the market too.

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