Data room monitoring.

Do you have valuable data which you would like to protect? Our client has a data-room with extremely important data. It simply can not be lost or corrupted. Monitoring the temperature will help. The requirement: We have been asked to monitor the temperature 24 hours per day, an alarm needs to be sent out with redundancy over various platforms, when the temperature goes outside a predetermined range. We need to set up E-mails to be sent to specific people when the temperature goes outside the specific range. An independent…

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Specialist CCTV.

If you have a special CCTV requirement, give us a call. A Pan Tilt Zoom camera is required to cover a fence by day and by night. It needs to be installed in a hazardous location so it will need to meet the ATEX 95 equipment directive. We had the specialist camera flown in with TNT to meet our schedule. The channel tunnel wasn't reliable enough at the time. Check out why here: There was no drilling allowed at the camera location so we had to come up…

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CCTV in the Clouds.

The requirement is to fit a High quality High definition CCTV camera system with off site recording. Day/night viewing is also required. An intercom was required on the clients network.  This intercom could be answered, and control the front door access from any computer on their network. Fortunately this client has a great broadband connection, which is a must when you require off-site recording and even more so when your cameras are high definition. A dedicated fiber in this case is available. It is said all the internet traffic…

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Upgrade of Analogue fixed camera CCTV system to HD PTZ solution.

The requirement is to upgrade an extensive CCTV system, from analogue fixed cameras, to high definition, IP with PTZ and WDR. Our client has an old system in place using analogue cameras the pictures are transmitted over coax cable RG11 (copper). A new IP HD system is now required. Going to be using Coax to IP media converters (MC) on this job, that's a 1st for us. So we have pictures from the current cameras, we have a good idea the cabling is going to be good. The cable…

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Retail CCTV upgrade.

Our long standing client required a new CCTV system to give them excellent images on some new cameras as well as integrate some of their existing cameras also. The solution we chose was the Avigilon platform using new Avigilon cameras as well as incorporating most of the existing cameras also. We loaded the Avigilon VMS (video management system) onto a Lenovo computer and added the required hard disk drives (HDD) to allow the playback time required. We fitted 2 new 5MP cameras outside the shop. We fitted 2 new…

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Access doors to protect staff.
Fit a security system.

Access doors to protect staff.

Today we fitted an access system to 2 front doors for a new drop-in centre. We used Vanderbilt keypads/proximity units.   Very strong maglock used. Cards are given to staff members to allow access. All worked out well. And the staff a feeling much more secure.

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