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Difference Between Wireless And Cellular Home Security Systems

The safest, rather the most reliable home security system types are the wireless security systems, specifically on being combined with cellular monitoring. The property owners are now shifting to wireless security systems with cellular monitoring for home security systems.

Sometimes, some of them stop by to be clear about wireless and cellular home security systems – what exactly does cellular and wireless home security system mean?
We shall answer them with clarity.

What is Meant by “Wireless” Home Security System Mean?

Wireless home security system pertains to the way the security systems are communicating inside a home – starting with the sensors, to the Control Panels. For instance, the hard-wired security systems are communicating through the attached wires to the alarm sensors as well as the Control Panel. With the sensor being triggered, the sensor will be sending a signal through the wire to the Control Panel.

The communications are sent either wirelessly or through radio signals in the wireless home security systems. Wires are not attached to the alarm sensors, and its only power source is the Control Panel’s wire. When triggered, the sensors will be sending a wireless radio signal to the Control Panel that is on the same frequency. As the control panel will receive this signal, it will accordingly take actions – send a distress signal to the monitoring station, alert the homeowners – based on the settings you are having on your system at that very time.
In a nutshell, “wireless” indicates no wires with the home security system.

What is Meant by “Cellular” Home Security System?

The “cellular”, in the home security system context, pertains to the way the security system is communicating with the outside world – like the monitoring station you are using on your smartphone. This very cellular capability comes from the built-in cellular “module” or device communicating the signals to the outside entity when anything is triggered on the security system.

The cellular device using the standard cellular network, and your personal phone does use it – although it just uses the Data portion of the very network, much as opposed to the voice network. Normally, the data network is used for the text messages while the voice network is being used for the actual voice calls.

To cite an example of the working capability of the cellular module – in case, you are leaving your home for a day, then you have to arm your security system. When the security system gets triggered after a short time, then the cellular device that is built in the Control Panel will be sending a distress or alarm signal to the monitoring system. Then the monitoring system contacts the local authorities.

Let us see another example of security system alerts. When the alarm companies are offering online or remote access to your security systems, thus allowing you in receiving instant alerts regarding the system activity by means of text messages. Let us assume, your spouse or kids are back home from work or school and then disarms the security system by using their unique user code. Then the built-in cellular device will be communicating this very message using the cellular network, to your phone.
The term “cellular”, on the whole, is referred to how the security systems are communicating to the entities outside your home.

Cellular vs Wireless Home Security System

To be precise, communication differentiates the wireless and cellular systems. While wireless states how the home security systems are communicating inside a home – from sensors to sensors and sensor to Control Panel. On the other hand, cellular states how the security system is sending alarm signals and alerts to the users and authorities, like the monitoring station on the cellular phone.

Now, on a concluding note, the cellular and wireless home security alarm systems are different in their communication and performance. While the wireless cellular systems are using cellular connection with their connected devices¸ and they are portable. But, the wired systems need professional installation to all the hardwired connected devices. Through a cable, each sensor is connected to the main control panel for typically running along the skirting boards surrounding door-frames. Using the landline connection, these systems can work. But the cellular home security systems use the cellular connection and Wi-Fi for working by connecting the individual sensors through the wireless networks. The wireless systems will use cellular backup in case, the Wi-Fi is not available.

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