Different Components of The Access Control System

The access control system is a keyless security system that is widely in many commercial and residential sectors. Nowadays this security system has become very popular because of its several advantages. It is very easy to operate and cost-effective. Five major components of this system are a control panel, reader, access card, magnetic lock and controlling software. Go through the article and know a little bit more about these components.


The reader is a major component of the access control systems. It is generally mounted on the door. This is the integral component of this system. The reader is generally programmed for processing and receiving information when you use the control device. It is generally classified into 3 different categories. They include basic access control reader, semi-intelligent reader and intelligent access control, reader.

Access Cards

The access card is another important component of the access control systems. This card is unique, you can easily gain access to your building. Every access card has unique codes. One access card is generally assigned, one user. The access card generally looks like your credit or debit card. So, it is very portable and it can easily fit into your pocket.

Control Panel

Control panel is the heart of an access system. The main function of this component is to lock and unlock the gate by receiving the signal from access card or keypad. This panel is also known as field panel. It generally consists of hardware, keypads, display screen, touchpad, sensors, readers, cables and more. The control panel is operated by computers. It comes in different features.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are generally fitted on the doors. These locks are used to open and close the door. They are generally operated by the control panel. Based on height, weight and size, these locks are classified into several categories. However, in some access control systems, different types of electric door locks are used instead of magnetic locks. They are electric strikes, electromagnetic door locks etc.

Controlling Software

The controlling software is also known as access control software. It generally acts as a brain of the entire control system. The software is generally installed on the computer. The activity of the access control system is controlled and recorded by this software. Every information and data regarding the control system is stored in this software. It is very easy to operate.

So, these are the major components of the access control system. All components work together. This system offers an extra level of security. If you want to install this system then definitely contact with an access control company.

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