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Different Types Of Door Readers And Their Advantages

The reader technology is one of the major components of the access control system. In order to have authentic and genuine credentials, companies must install door readers to provide ultimate security to keep the property safe and secure. In this blog, we are going to discuss-

Different Types Of Door Readers And Their Advantages

1. Keypad readers

The keypad readers need users to set a passcode or PIN to unlock the door. Keypad door readers provide good security as no physical credential is required. However, users may share the PIN or passcode with others.

2. Swipe card readers

Swipe card readers work perfectly with badges or key cards having a magnetic strip that consists of authentication data. In order to unlock the doors, the users generally swipe their cards via the card readers. One of the major drawbacks of this card reader is that the hardware can be damaged due to regular wear and tear. So, it needs to replaced and serviced more frequently.

3. Biometric door readers

The biometric reader is one of the most expensive security readers where scanners are used to find users by a physical feature like facial recognition, fingerprint or iris. The professional biometric door readers always offer increased functionality and reliability. They are easy to install and low maintenance required.

4. RFID readers

Nowadays, radio frequency identification technology is in great demand. It has several applications. With the RFID access control systems, the credential consists of information tags sending signals to the nearby readers. Modern RFID access control systems mainly utilise passive RFID that is referred to as prox card technology. This is because these access control systems mainly use key fobs or cards to access.

5. Smart lock door readers

Last but not the least, smart lock readers are the most versatile and advanced security readers that combine different door reader technologies into one system. Smart door readers provide greater flexibility as well as security. They also provide support for key cards, mobile credentials, key fobs and touchless unlocking capabilities.

Key reasons to install the access card readers

  • No keys required
  • Control staff keep them safe
  • Key cards are tough to duplicate
  • Remote access
  • Log activity easier
  • Doors can be open or closed according to your schedule
  • Track and control employee access
  • Control particular access to essential areas at certain times
  • Protect valuables efficiently
  • Better tracking
  • Control entry to several parts of the property
  • Minimise employee theft
  • Sensitive areas access restriction

The importance of modern door readers is huge. They always offer a safe working environment and they deter and track access throughout the building.

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