Most homes can have a comprehensive system fitted for under 1,000.00 Euro

A pre-wired home could come in at 600.00 Euro

A basic monitored system could start at 200.00 Euro depending on the number of points required. The reason it starts off cheaper is because the monitoring companies subsidies the initial install costs. 

Comprehensive systems for commercial properties usually start at 1,000.00 Euro and are without an upper limit as all premises and grade of security required are different.

Again the stats suggest a would be intruder is 3 times less likely to break into a home which is displaying a home security system. They are looking for easy pickings mostly. A security system is considered the best way to deter an intruder. Many other incremental steps will also help to deter the intruder for example.

 A dog is always a deterrent.

Using your lock on doors and windows will defiantly slow the intruder down.

Security lighting will help. 

Low hedging will help, the intruder likes to be always concealed.

Yes, without doubt visible CCTV cameras are a help to keep intruders moving on.

Intruders usually do a quick casing of the house before they go ahead with a break in.

When they see cameras they almost always move along.

Well the answer is obvious the No.1 item burglars are after is cash followed by jewelry, drugs and small electronic items and then larger electronic items. Almost always they want small items they can pocket and make a quick get away.

It varies on the size of the property but usually 4 to 8 hours.

On occasion it is shorter for our basic system for example and sometimes it could go into a 2nd day for jobs where all extras for example are availed of.

Some examples of extras are:

Fitting a GSM unit for monitoring and Garda responce (basically a mobile device)

Fitting of Panic button/s.

Fitting of a smoke detector/s.

Fitting of Carbon monoxide detector/s.

Fitting of passive infra red detectors.

Fitting of a Camera.

The control panel with built in panic button. 

The door and window detectors. (number varies)

The Sounders.


Initial Offer

50% Off on Starter Pack

€400.00 slash through now €199.00 Monthly fees apply.