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How Can Sabotage In Access Control Be Prevented?

Access controls function to connect the people and vehicles with control of access to particular industrial facility areas, either the unwanted persons are not entering the company, or only the authorized people and employees enter the premises.

By means of computer devices and related electronic, entrance to a certain venue can be denied, while the business owner can know the people present at a specific time.

Using keys, biometric recognition, card, and keys, an access control system for the industrial setups can be established. With access control systems, not only the access of unauthorized persons is being prevented, but also it is serving as the time attendance control systems. Thus, the business owners can comply with the legislation on the working hours registration.

Access control is the critical point of the security system in the large commercial and industrial venues. Now we shall focus on the ways to preventing sabotage in the access control systems.

It has been found out that the access controls are often subjected to numerous sabotage attempts. Most sabotages arise from the unauthorized employees allowed to enter a specific space, or else they are no more employed but still hold the keys and cards allowing access.

For avoiding unauthorized entry and the resulting sabotage, following a series of guidance is necessary.

i. Using the keyboards, and maximum security readers preventing them to be easily opened or accessing the lock opening wiring.

ii. Using maximum security keys with several numbers, special characters and letters difficult to be determined easily, and are periodically modified.

iii. Using the biometric recognition in the highly sensitive areas and leaving the remaining control systems >to be used for the common areas.

iv. Combining two or more access methods for increasing security, like access codes, access cards, and fingerprints.

v. Having the alarm system connected to the receiving centre can detect improper access or attempted sabotages. But only the specialized and licensed company should monitor the alarm. The keystone of the modern security system is the receiving center.

vi. Using the networked access control systems for easily detecting and controlling improper access and intrusions, as all the information are centralized.

vii. Strengthening the security systems with detectors, alarms, and video surveillance cameras, recording possible sabotages will be possible.

viii. Strictly controlling the access codes and cards in circulation avoids having old cards and the related access systems. For this, resetting the cards and keys is necessary.

When you follow these given guidelines closely, then preventing sabotage at access controls becomes possible. The security system designed for larger premises and installed by the professional specialist should be done according to perimeter surveillance needs.

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