Avigilon CCTV and Access Control Systems

Actionable Results–Focused and Scalable Enterprise Solutions

Avigilon CCTV and Access Control Systems with cloud are built for seamlessly integrating the while video security system for deriving the right information at the right time to benefit the users. The whole idea is about taking decisive actions.

Alert Alarms has partnered with Avigilon for providing flawless CCTV and Access Control Systems solutions to the people in Cork. Since Avigilon’s technology is powered by advanced AI as well as video analytics, so the CCTV and Access Control Systems are much easy to use. As a result, the users can focus on matters deserving special attention.

Avigilon CCTV Cameras

The CCTV Cameras being provided by Avigilon, are built with the intelligence for the viewers to make sense of what they are viewing. Another remarkable feature is the image detail level the cameras provide.

Avigilon Access Control Systems

The physical access control systems enabling enterprise-class installations have been designed for protecting assets, people and property. It is termed Access Control Manager. Avigilon Access Control Manager is loaded with advanced alarm and integrity management for providing superior control of access to the proposed facilities. As the 100% browser-based solution, it is best at offering the needed flexibility for responding to alerts from any location. Being in unification with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software, the setup offers an end–to–end security solution for monitoring and securing the said sites.

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