Vanderbilt ACT Access System

Reports are easily run and understood. And can be run as often as needed.

Access Control solutions have become quick and easy to install and use, thanks to the introduction and development of ACT Vanderbilt Access Systems. Installation and maintenance of ACT Vanderbilt are indeed simple. The system will work with all door types and integrate with all electronic locks.

The system will also work with bio-readers & can be set up for doors requiring a dual authentication process. So a valid card and fingerprint are required to enter.

Reports are easily run and understood. And can be run as often as needed.

The log of events on the ACT Vanderbilt software is kept for as long as required to meet the end-user requirements.

The Vanderbilt ACT Access System is in high demand in Cork, since it is very effective in removing the complexities from the access control system, which enables easy and fast installation in great numbers.

The Reasons why Alert Alarms prefer the Vanderbilt Access control systems are,

  • Vanderbilt has designed agile, adaptable and dependable security solutions which meet the needed installation standards of Alert Alarms.
  • We are delighted to partner with ACT Vanderbilt which specializes in access control, video management and intrusion detection. ACT Vanderbilt really does offer cutting edge advanced technology.
  • Easy to install, easy to integrate and easy to use Vanderbilt systems are fit for any kind of challenge.
  • We offer ACT Vanderbilt’s Access Control proximity Cards As Credentials for access to each restricted area.
  • For Access Control in Cork, we recommend ACT Vanderbilt Access systems to commercial, and industrial units in Cork.
  • Alert Alarms is providing a wide range of readers for satisfying the needed access control needs.

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