Wavestore Video Management System

A solution to Optimize live event recording for later viewing.

The Wavestore Video management system is provided by Alert Alarms are accurate, scalable solution optimized to enact command and control. Synchronizing video surveillance with event analysis into a single powerful interface. Our video management systems, have been installed in major projects in Cork city.

It enables high-performance video steaming along with cutting edge analytics as well as the video recording of events.

Combined with evidential quality export functionality, powerful video and metadata search of Wavestore give the needed efficient and effective tools to the operators as they need.

Benefits of Wavestore CCTV Systems

  • In Cork, Wavestore CCTV has created strong demand. The Wavestore creates the solution through combined audio, video and data. This platform is provided to simplify the integration between disparate third-party technologies.

Alert alarms & Wavestore Video Management Systems (VMS) are indeed the best for you. What do you think?

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Initial Offer

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