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Retail CCTV upgrade.

Our long standing client required a new CCTV system to give them excellent images on some new cameras as well as integrate some of their existing cameras also.

The solution we chose was the Avigilon platform using new Avigilon cameras as well as incorporating most of the existing cameras also. We loaded the Avigilon VMS (video management system) onto a Lenovo computer and added the required hard disk drives (HDD) to allow the playback time required.

We fitted 2 new 5MP cameras outside the shop.

We fitted 2 new 2MP cameras inside the shop.

We integrated the existing cameras using avigilon encoders also. Existing analogue cameras actually show up better on this system.

In total their is 25 cameras.

We fitted a new large monitor in this case its a 52 Inch Samsung TV and mounted it on the wall with a heavy duty swivel TV bracket.

We fitted a 24 port POE HP switch to connect the cameras and the encoders to the computer.

Each encoder will take 4 cameras using the 4 BNC inputs. Each encoder only takes up 1 port on the switch.

The Avigilon product issues licence keys for each port you want to use on their system. Its a once off payment, and you get discounts on purchases of multiples. Encoders just requires 1 licence each, so 1 licence for 4 analogue cameras. Avigilon also have cameras with multiple sensors in 1 housing. These cameras also just require 1 licence.

4 directions in 1 fitting.

These cameras are ideal when you want to cover every direction. And without upsetting the ceiling tiles for example with 4 cameras as would have been the norm previously.

All came together as planned in the end. Another happy client.

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