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What Integrated Technologies Improve Efficiency and Safety of Commercial Fire Alarm System?

Fire is the most catastrophic thing that is likely to your business, without your knowledge, that is least when you expect it. Repairs and recovering from the fire damages will be taking a few weeks or months, so it is definite to largely hit the bottom line.

One specific way for ensuring business protection is installing a comprehensive fire alarm system that will utilize the technology for improving efficiency and safety. In fact, installation of the fire alarm systems means following the legal rules for running the business in Cork.

Certain components and tools should be integrated into the fire alarm systems, and this is what we shall discuss further since the integration is directly related to the efficiency and safety of your commercial fire alarm systems.

1. Mobile Apps

The fire alarm systems cannot be remotely controlled as the fire codes prohibit the fire alarm systems. So, an app cannot be used for controlling the system, as it is easily done for burglar alarm systems. Nevertheless, an app can be efficiently used for monitoring a fire alarm system.

Most monitoring apps provide the necessary information regarding the specifically connected fire alarm device and how has the alarm been triggered. Even the monitoring apps will even keep the track of times and dates the devices sound, so these can be used for referencing later.

Monitoring a fire alarm remotely is indeed helpful for all businesses, and it is even a great asset to large businesses having multiple locations as well as buildings. For instance, when multiple convenient store locations are being managed, and in case one alarm is going off at one store, then the system can be accessed through an app for determining the alarm’s location and the reason for its going off can be made sure.

2. Voice Evacuation

Spoken messages like “Attention Please – There is an emergency ahead. Kindly walk calmly to the nearest exit. Immediately vacate the building. Thank You.” are much helpful in evacuating the public facilities for long years.  Nevertheless, using voice evacuation is a standard feature now on almost all fire alarm systems and some fire codes even need them.

Voice applications are being used in multiple applications since it is considered as the better alternative to the traditional jarring and loud fire alarms. Indeed, the voice is highly soothing and attracts the people’s attention, thereby causing the least panics among people.

The voice evacuation alerts have to be programmed for letting the people know about the danger and to send specific instructions to avoid it. Even the voice evacuations are useful for deploying the first responders effectively who have been present on the scene.

3. Efficient Notification Devices

The fire alarm systems need an as steady supply of electricity for non-stop functioning. Most older systems are not energy efficient, so it will incur some extra cost for powering them. The alarm manufactures are making highly energy-efficient notification devices for helping businesses cut on electricity costs.

As the new fire alarm notification devices are drawing less current, so a lot of them can be on a single circuit. A lot of improved chimes, strobes, and horns are using 20% – 35% less energy.

As a business is the backbone of the economy, the protection of the business is equally important. Fire alarms systems installation is a part of the safety policy. With technology being the standpoint, certain technologies like mobile apps, voice evacuation programming, and energy-efficient notification devices as discussed have to be integrated to ensure their flawless functionality and overall safety.

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