Access Control

We offer Professional level access control to your property.

The safety of your staff could be a stake without adequate access control in your property. We at Alert Alarms offer access control to enable you to monitor and safeguard against threats. With access control installed you can manage the access rights to each building location. Access control can also be seen as an extra layer of security to your building.

Some of the key reasons for installing access control are as follows:

1. No keys required.

2. Control staff as well as keep them safe.

3. Monitor who as been through each door.

4. Control the access of contractors.

5. Doors can be locked or open according to your schedule.

6. Access cards can be used for other systems on site. for example printing, barrier control, gate control, vending machines the list goes on.

7. The access cards can double as ID cards in fact they usually do.

8. Reports can be printed for individual doors, for example who opened a specific door yesterday between 2PM and 4 PM.

Want to install access control systems in your Cork home or business? We at Alert Alarms can help you with it. All installation jobs are conducted by our trained pros. No matter what kind of access control system it is – whether it is a magnetic card, PIN or a personalised card, our professionals can do all.

We can install access control systems in homes, offices, hospitals, schools, warehouses, stock rooms, gates and document storage areas. We work neatly and quickly and offer a free demonstration after installing the system making you 100% happy. Alert Alarms also provide maintenance services as part of aftercare so that the access control systems that have been installed last longer and gives better value for money.

Contact us if you want to install an access control system in your property.

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