CCTV Camera Installation Cork (Thermal Cameras also available)

Businesses and homes in Cork are suffering huge losses every year because of break ins & theft. It is for this reason there has been an increasing use of CCTV systems nowadays. With CCTV installed you can help prevent crime and protect your assets. So, CCTV thats closed circuit television has come a long way in a few years. The quality of the footage has just become outstanding these days and some cameras are now way better than your own eyes with zoom features and total darkness viewing ability. Let us help you with your CCTV installation.

Alert Alarms offer full CCTV installation services for businesses and homes in Cork City. Our CCTV installation service includes:

Covid 19 Thermal cameras.

We can offer detection of your staff & contractors temperature to a fine degree.

On-site survey:

We offer our clients with an on-site survey without cost. While surveying we find the weak points if any as well as the best places to position cameras.


After we receive an order, we would have your CCTV cameras installed quickly and at your convenience. There may be legal issues to consider with CCTV installations depending on where you wish to install it. Our qualified team is going to install the system keeping everything in mind and ensuring that all the areas are covered. We are installers of a wide range of CCTV cameras such as HD cameras, IP cameras, infrared cameras & day/night cameras cameras. Once we are done we will give demonstrations to help you become familiar with the workings of the system.

Maintenance and Upgrades:

It’s very important to service your CCTV system regularly if you want all the cameras, monitors, cables etc. to work in a proper way. We can help you keep your CCTV well maintained preventing any failure down the line. Our technicians can also help you if you need to upgrade your system. We will know at once what upgrades are necessary or possible if we inspect your CCTV system by visiting your business or home.

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