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Things to consider before buying a burglar alarm

These days burglar alarms have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Burglar alarms along with CCTV, and good strong locks together make a strong security system. Top criminologists in Cork have mentioned burglar alarms help in reducing the risk of break-ins. Even some insurance company stipulates the pre-requisite of a burglar alarm in their contract. If the installed burglar alarm isn’t in working condition, even then the contract is voidable and the insurance claim will not be reimbursed. Thus, burglar alarms are not just statistically viable to install but also legally. But what are some things one must consider before purchasing a burglar alarm? Let’s look into some of those considerations:

Types of burglar alarms:

Burglar alarms are widely available in four types of models, which include – wired, wireless, dialler alarms and monitored alarms. The wired alarms are doesn’t necessarily contact the police, it just notifies the designated person about the break-in. The wireless alarm has several sensors that detect if there’s a break-in and notifies the person. Dialler alarms will automatically call the nominated number in case of a break-in is detected. While monitored alarms, on the other hand, have an agency ready in the background that looks forward to any break-in alarm notification. These agencies will call the cops if a serious threat is detected.

Panic Button:

It is not uncommon for burglars to have weapons to protect themselves. Thus, if there’s someone in the house while a burglary takes place the person can be in grave danger. This is why a panic button is necessary with your burglar alarm.

Alarm Monitoring System Contract:

While some people hesitate to spend extra money on a top burglar alarm system, it is prudent to spend some extra pennies on an alarm monitoring contract. This way you can ensure even while you’re away or unavailable the monitoring team can keep a keen eye on your property. And if there’s a potential break-in attempt they can call the police immediately for urgent action.

Remote Maintenance System:

You may also install a remote maintenance plan, which allows an issue with the alarm to be diagnosed and perhaps rectified remotely. This service usually comes with a recurring cost.

It is better to be safe than sorry, a burglar alarm can be the differentiating factor. Thus, it is important to keep these points in mind while buying a burglar alarm system. It’s a huge investment that will dictate if you can get your insurance reimbursement or not.

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