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What Are The Major Types Of Monitored Security Systems?

A monitored home security system is one of the most essential security devices for modern houses widely available in the market. In general, this security system properly works by alerting a security team, emergency responders, or call center whenever the system starts detecting fire, robbery, or other emergency situations. These security systems are easy to install & low maintenance is required. Monitored home security systems are classified into two types. They are self-monitored security systems and company-monitored security systems. In this blog, we will discuss both of them in brief.

Self-monitored security systems

As the name implies, self-monitored home security systems are those devices that can be monitored and controlled by ourselves. These systems may include motion sensors, security cameras, sirensas well as door sensors that text or call our smartphones when triggered.

Key benefits of self-monitored security systems

  • Offers real-time data whenever the device gets activated that allows for instant responses such as calling the police or alerting people inside the property
  • They are portable & can easily be relocated to another property since it can be installed and uninstalled the quickly
  • The camera systems monitor & record video evidence of intruders and trespassers
  • Self-monitored home security systems are less expensive
  • Easy to install and low maintenance required

The company monitored security systems

As the name implies, the company monitored home security systems are mainly operated and managed by experienced security personnel & professional organizations. These security systems mainly include motion detectors, loud sirens, security cameras, door sensors, glass-break sensors, silent alarms, etc. Most of the company monitored security systems are manufactured to call & alert respective security centers whenever a trespasser breaks into the property.

Key benefits of company monitored security systems

  • Most of the company-monitored home security systems run on traditional phone lines or cellular radio and have a battery backup. It will keep them functional whenever there will be a power outage.
  • No need to call or contact the authorities near you if the phone is dead or you’re away from the property
  • The sirens & alarms of monitored security systems are enough to fight against intruders & trespassers as soon as they enter the property, preventing theft & damage
  • Once you have installed a company monitored security system, the entire property will be covered

In our daily life, the importance of monitored home security systems is huge. If you are planning to enhance the security level of the property, these security systems can be the best option to choose.

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