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What Must the Business Owners Do Before They Select An Access Control System Solution?

The varied options to bring up access control system solutions include keycards, biometric, smartphones, and fobs. Just one crucial matter all the business owners should be doing before their installation is putting in the electronic locks. The electric and electronic locks are the locking devices operated by electric currents.

The two major types of access control systems and how are they different.

1. Magnetic Locks

The magnetic door locks make use of electromagnetic force for stopping the doors from opening. Using the maglock, the electromagnet is first installed on the metal plate and doorframes are attached to the doors, With the magnet being powered, the plate is strongly attracted to the plate and it is able to withstand a lot of significant pressure without being opened.
With the power being interrupted or removed, the magnetic lock is opened, that is the task of the electronic access control system solutions. Using the magnetic locks, the doors are always locked from its both sides.

Electronic Door Strikes

Electronic door strikes must be properly installed on the doors for allowing entrance, because the strike itself is not securing the doors, and they should be used together with the lockset. The electronic door strikes feature the actuators connecting a cylinder or bolts to the motors inside doorframes. For starting the actuators, the motors should be receiving an electrical impulse and the electronic access control system solutions trigger the electrical impulse.
Through electric strikes, the doors’ exterior sides are provided with security, while just the handles and knobs are needed for exiting from the insides.

Which Among the Two Are Suitable For Your Business Situations?

The matters to consider at the time of selecting the right among the two access control system solution are –

  • The type of doors that is the materials used in its making, location, despite being single or double
  • The needed security level
  • Cost among the two
  • Code compliance
  • Power requirements
  • Lockset compatibility

Thus evaluating the electronic lock part of the access control system solution is all-important by itself. The two noteworthy reasons include –

First, the buyers must be informed, as they must be aware of the need for the electronic locks at the time of reviewing the access solutions. Therefore, when the final quote is seen by them, then it is not surprising for them with the inclusion of additional cots.

Second, the business owners must ensure their doors are not having any unique features which might need customized electronic lock solutions likely to inflate the costs.

In the conclusion, it is worth mentioning that when the door strikes or else the lock costs are isolated out then the cost comparison must be done between the various access control solution types. Then, it will be clearly seen the amount the business must pay for the hardware as well as its service, so as to figure out the suitable options for business.

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