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Why We Have Collaborated With Vanderbilt & Avigilon Access Control Systems?

As the saying goes, your security is in your own hands. Be it a commercial establishment or a residential place. One has to think about their security acutely to prevent any threats from looming over. In the universe of security gadgets that are available. One of the most interesting security systems is the access control security system. An access control system provides ample protection to the people in a residential or commercial place by debarring the entry of unauthorised individuals. Thus, a number of threats from an unidentified entry can be omitted. We have partnered with two of the best access control system providers namely., Vanderbilt and Avigilon. But why have we done so?

Vanderbilt ACT Access Control System:

The Vanderbilt ACT Access System is in high demand across Ireland, owing to its extreme success at reducing complications from access control systems. It allows for easy and quick installation in large numbers in a variety of commercial and residential spaces. Some of the key reasons to opt for the Vanderbilt ACT Access Control System are: the system is compatible with all door types and electronic locks. The system is also compatible with bio-readers and may be configured for doors that require dual authentication. To gain access to Vanderbilt ACT Access Control System, a valid card and a fingerprint are prerequisites. Reports are simple to run and comprehend. And it may be run as many times as necessary. Another key advantage of ACT Vanderbilt software’s event log is stored for as long as necessary to suit end-user needs.

Reasons Why We Prefer Vanderbilt ACT Access Control System:

  • It is a flexible, adaptive, and trustworthy security system that fulfils the Alert Alarms installation guidelines.

  • ACT Vanderbilt provides cutting-edge innovative technologies when it comes to security devices.

  • Simple to install, integrate, and utilise.

  • For entrance to each restricted location, ACT Vanderbilt’s Access Control is the best with its proximity cards as credentials.

  • Various readers are available to meet your needs.

Avigilon Access Control Systems:

Access Control System by Aviglion has comprehensive alarm and integrity management features to provide better access control to the intended facilities. As the only browser-based solution, it provides the most flexibility for reacting to alarms from any place. The integration with other software & security systems provides an end-to-end security solution for monitoring and safeguarding the aforementioned locations.

Our Reasons to Prefer Avigilon Access Control Systems:

  • It is a 100% browser-based security solution.

  • Avigilon Access Control System is flexible, thus, easy to use in varied spaces.

  • Integratable with other security solutions like CCTV and Video Management Systems.

  • Highly sensitive and reactive to any discrepancies.

  • Easy to comprehend, install and use.

  • Provides a variety of readers to access the system.

For these varied reasons, we are proud to be associated with brands like Vanderbilt and Avigilion in terms of access control systems. Are two of the most top and reliable names for security solutions. We can entrust its powerful devices to optimally protect the people of any establishment like a commercial, industrial or residential.

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